Bernard J Arnull & Company was founded in 1955 initially promoting Bulgomme Silence Rubber Cellular Based Flooring to the Architectural and Specifier Market, and was successful in establishing Bulgomme as a significant material in the UK.

Bulgomme was sold to Schools (CLASP SYSTEM), Universities, Hospitals and to many commercial offices with great success. Indeed, even now, some 30 years or so since we ceased dealing with Bulgomme due to an enormous price rise following the Oil Crisis of the 1970s, we still get queries on cleaning and maintenance from many installations where Bulgomme continues to give excellent service. We also marketed Plastylon, a foam-backed PVC flooring, and Plastylon-Mur a PVC wall covering from the same Factory.

In the late sixties Cainton Carpet Tiles were added to our range and again these achieved considerable success, being supplied to IBM amongst others for their office installations. Cainton unfortunately folded in the early seventies, and we replaced the range with Mexaflor Carpet Tiles among others though not with the same success.

In the meantime, the French Embassy asked us if we would be interested in handling a French range of mosaic tiles called Setrim, which we took on, introducing it to both the Retail and the Architectural Market. These beautiful mosaics fired an interest in Ceramic Tiles within our Company, and we conducted a search to find further ranges aimed initially at the Retail Market.

Our research came up with Tiles from the Cedit factory, who produced unusual ranges to Architect and Interior Designer design, which created a considerable stir within the UK Market. Using our Architectural connections, we were able to successfully introduce Cedit to this market, and it became a well-known and resoected range within the UK, being used extensively by such Companies as C&A, Gateway, Asda, Welcome Group and many others.

Cedit was continually at the forefront of ceramic design, and was particularly successful with its Milan Style range, designed by Ettore Sottsass. However, Cedit was priced at the upper end of this market concentrating on wall tiles, so we sought other economic wall tile ranges, and hard-wearing floor tiles to complete our collection.

In particular we looked for plain colour ranges of wall tiles for the Specifier market and successfully introduced the Cesi factory into our portfolio which offers a wide range of plain colours in a variety of sizes. We were also one of the first companies to introduce hard-wearing porcelain floor tiles to the UK market, initially from the Niro factory, and, later, from Pastorelli. Porcelain tiles have had a huge impact on the UK market, especially for shopping centres, supermarkets, restaurants, stations, indeed everywhere where a hard-wearing functional tile was needed.

We are constantly adding porcelain ranges to our portfolio as manufacturing techniques have greatly increased their appeal, and have achieved considerable success with the Archim range from Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola, with the Altair and Micron series proving strong sellers. Porcelain tiles give Architects an alternative to Natural finishes with the benefit of easier installation and maintenance. Our tiles have been used by many Store Groups such as Arcadia, The Gap, Millets, Freeman Hardy, as well as in many Restaurant chains throughout the UK such as ASK, 21221 and Prezzo.

In 2011, after 39 years based in Park Royal, we moved the business to its new base in Weybridge - an area that is well placed for our transport needs - and we now look forward to opening a new chapter for our company, continuing to source and supply the latest porcelain, ceramic and mosaic tiles to our wide range of clients.